Welcome To Atlantis Minecraft Server

Welcome to Atlantis!

Atlantis is a new Minecraft server (Feb 2021), themed in the shadow of the volcanic Mount Olympus island. The minecraft land focuses on a selection of twelve deities who thousands of years ago fought an immense battle tearing apart their ancient lands. Become (via ranks) one of most powerful gods Hades, Poseidon or Zeus creating your minecraft contraptions and be apart of the momentous experience in the battle for the island.

Three game modes are available at present: Survival, Skyblock & KitPVP. Survival is a close to vanilla environment with a great spirit where you spawn into an ancient ruin. Skyblock is floating around the Island of Pefkos were players are encouraged to complete Minecraft Challenges in order to win rewards. There is also an active economy on Skyblock which adds another dimension. Our latest addition Deity Wars (Arena KitPVP), situated on the lobby server. From inside an enormous gladiator style Coliseum you can fight each other, win xp  and level up or go do the inner arena and fight all sorts of hostile mobs and monsters. 

The owner of the server ShaneusBob is creating a friendly playing environment suitable for all ages so why not come and play with the Gods as we try to build a community that isn't destined to collapse into the sea.

Some of the features available on this server:

  • crates

  • ranks

  • friendly people

  • skyblock

  • survoival

  • PVP

  • KitPVP

  • Arena play

IP: play.atlantismc.uk

Discord: https://discord.gg/pR2Y5SX38S

If you have any questions please contact a staff member in-game or or Discord. Since you're here, why not help yourself to a free rank?

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